From Dust and Ashes

by Final Attack

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released September 1, 2015



all rights reserved


Final Attack Jakarta, Republic of Indonesia

a hardcore band from the capitol city of Indonesia

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Track Name: We're Invincible
Stood hard like a damn old tree
One fruit fell down to the ground
Trueside crew will back you down
Fear nothing cause we’re invincible

First row at any show
We destroy every night
Talk shit behind our back
Dont care what the heck

Trueside crew, its for you!
From the dust and ashes, we’ve been through
Track Name: Fish In a Pond
Killing faster than a bullet, anxiety turns your courage
Into small tiny guts
Like a fish in a pond, trapped and wanting to die
Nowhere to go, no where to hide

Look at me in the eyes
Your time is up, the time is now
I’ll keep the memories left behind
Sealed in beauty, away from the devil

A white blank page, a new hope
Taking hances for what its worth
Fear! You’ve break my heart
I’ve chose not to keep you in the list
A new hope has come
I can feel it coming straight at me

Smash it, burn it, kill it
Smash it, burn it, fuck!

What will you be? What will you do?
I’d rather die than live in what they call fear
You choose to fuckin stay
What a fool!
Aint a damn fish in a pond!
Track Name: Buried Deep
What the fuck has happened here?
I sense a large amount of fear
Everything seems so different
It seems the truth has been bent
Is there anyone left to to trust
Or has it all just turn to dust?

You spreading fear and tension
And no one dares to question
You took their hearts
And tear it appart

People robbed of their soul
Buried deep in a hole
The world is collapsing
But you’re not playing your role

We had enough of this
Its time to fuckin end
This is our time, time for us to take a stand
Track Name: Devils Bizz
Look at it now, the outcomes are real
The monster took the wheel
Fooling every person around us
The one we love, did you realize?

I against it, i’ll escape from it
While the chances still remain
I will never belong

Dont wanna be those stupid minded fools
Feeling weak and clueless, serve your interest
When the devil run the biz
You gotta kill the switch

Everyday is a mess. Our days became so numb
We let this fertile soil in our heart
Being planted by the seed of apathy
The monster has taken over the city
Shows no pity, when the devil run the biz
You gotta kill the switch

Steal our soul, till we feel no more
Steal our soul, our very inner soul

Spreading bad habit, spreading fuckin disease
Without warning they eat you whole
You gotta break out, break free!
Soap opera generation
I will not run into your hole
I will not put down my knees to you! Screw you!
Track Name: Drifted Away
Breathe in, breathe out
Red wine runs slick
Cant believe what you’ve done
I cant believe the reality
Involved but not committed
Abandon what’s in our heart
Death shows his teeth
Death is greed, death is rich

You came to me and stabbed my back
The ugly truth of yours that i will never know
So low but im ready to go

What the hell is wrong with you?
You fell down to your knees
Lost in insanity
In potion of confusion, drifted away
Your lights used to glow
Trapped in lust, abusing the trust
Cant stick to your noise

I am leaving you i am sorry
Sign me out from,

This modern world forgot how to dance
This modern world forgot how to love
Track Name: Shallow Mind
Open your eyes and take a good look around
You keep running your mouth
But your eyes are fuckin shut
You’re spreading your lies
With your face in the ground
That shallow mind of yours
Has always caused a fuckin rut

You’re screaming and shouting
You’re making a scene
But no one seems to understand a word you say
You’re always rambling on with all your empty words
But nobody around you even understand

This is not the place for you
To run your fuckin show
So take that shallow mind of yours and get the fuck out

We dont need your shit, we’re sick of all your lies
You try to keep the truth way from everyone else
By digging a hole, you bury it deep in the ground

Can you hear yourself? Can you see the ground?
Your chin is way too high, you can barely see the road

Your words are poison infecting the brain
You’re making no sense but you dont know when to stop
Track Name: Kata Mereka
Keindahan yang terciri rupa
Membuat orang berlomba
Menghamba pada sempurna
Terjebak stigma, hilang logika

Lantas terasa fana, lantas terasa hampa
Terdomsetikasi dan terarah

Mana dirimu, mana getarmu
Tanpa polesan dan jiwa manekin
Nilai asli pun terurai berai

Kata mereka, indah harus penuh luka
Kata mereka indah harus serupa

Terasa fana, menghamba pada rupa
Raga tanpa jiwa!

Rebut kendali tanpa pamrih!

Hentikan perang yang terus berjibaku
Untuk menjadi dirimu yang bukan abu-abu